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Fruits Basket: Tohru Honda Cosplay

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

L-Email Wig makes it super easy for you to cosplay your favorite character!

Find your dream cosplay!

L-Email Wig has dozens of different cosplay from different fandoms, games and animes! I personally got really excited when I found the Tohru Fruits Basket cosplay. I had been reading the manga since I was little and the thought of being my favorite character was too exciting to pass up.

Wear straight out of the bag!

I am pretty bad at cutting wigs, so the most exciting thing about purchasing from L-Email Wig was that I literally pulled the wig out of the bag and put it on my head, no bang cutting required. Also, the costume fit perfectly without any alterations needed.

Watch my unboxing video to see it here:

How to get your own costume:

If you want to purchase your own costume and wig use this link: L-Email Wig and also the code "reagan" for 12% off your costume purchase!

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